The Doctor Who Chatroom

The Doctor Who Chatroom

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Last Raven of Gallifrey By TimeRaven Updated Oct 05, 2016

Basically, Doctor Who characters and a TARDIS load of other crazy fandoms meet on an online chatroom, with catastrophic results. Involving dance parties. And sentient bananas. 

Question: What could possibly go wrong when you put Doctor Who in an online chatroom? 


Guys. Seriously. This is Doctor Who. To put it better, what COULDN'T go wrong?

{I don't think it's necessary to mention that I didn't create Doctor Who or any of these other amazing and strange fandoms, but.. I just did mention it. Oh well.}

Dam_It_Doctor Dam_It_Doctor Mar 08, 2016
Is it bad that I'm only bothered by the fact that he called my baby stupid? 
                              I love him more than the impala and that says something
fairZtaken fairZtaken Oct 12, 2016
- - Apr 02, 2016
River stop showing up, quoting yourself and leaving. I mean srsly gurl get a life........
thatonestrayballoon thatonestrayballoon Feb 23, 2016
The Master has logged back on and is plotting all of your demises
Dam_It_Doctor Dam_It_Doctor Mar 08, 2016
Can my demise be last...I need to binge watch more Supernatural and Doctor Who and eat more food first....