The Doctor Who Chatroom

The Doctor Who Chatroom

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Last Raven of Gallifrey By TimeRaven Updated Oct 05

Basically, Doctor Who characters and a TARDIS load of other crazy fandoms meet on an online chatroom, with catastrophic results. Involving dance parties. And sentient bananas. 

Question: What could possibly go wrong when you put Doctor Who in an online chatroom? 


Guys. Seriously. This is Doctor Who. To put it better, what COULDN'T go wrong?

{I don't think it's necessary to mention that I didn't create Doctor Who or any of these other amazing and strange fandoms, but.. I just did mention it. Oh well.}

Is it bad that I'm only bothered by the fact that he called my baby stupid? 
                              I love him more than the impala and that says something
fairZtaken fairZtaken Oct 12
- - Apr 02
River stop showing up, quoting yourself and leaving. I mean srsly gurl get a life........
The Master has logged back on and is plotting all of your demises
Can my demise be last...I need to binge watch more Supernatural and Doctor Who and eat more food first....
Jack, could you do your best to keep it in your pants for once...