I'll Swim, You Play Your Football

I'll Swim, You Play Your Football

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Alex Littleton is an outgoing and spontaneous 16 year old boy. He's the captain of the Greene high school boys swim team and loves, and I mean loves, to swim. He has average grades and is pretty much your typical lovable gay boy. 

Landon Parks is 17 and ready to party. He's on the football team and is pretty popular, but not one of those obnoxiously popular ones. He isn't one of your normal jocks though, sure he isn't the brightest, but he's not failing any classes, and there's one thing that really makes him stand out among his friends. He's not really into girls. He's never really liked being around them and at the time wasn't really sure why. But now it's got him thinking, maybe he's gay? But he isn't going to tell anyone, cause what if he's not? He'll just observe from afar and see where it takes him. 

When Landon sees this cute younger boy, he wants to see him more. He's never met him before now, but sometimes all you need is to run into them once.


Lmao the way the shoulder pads are squishing his chest is making it look like he has boobs and I'm laughing so hard XD
Deckard00 Deckard00 Jun 17
I still can't figure out on what would the picture be on the side?!🤔
Kitty3meow Kitty3meow Feb 27
This is how is we it people are always to loud for it to be considered eavesdropping but no one gets it
*cries to self* Welp there's the last of my self esteem gone, not like there was much anyways
IIRainbowII IIRainbowII Dec 24, 2016
lol I honestly like John.. This is only the first chapter and none of you know anything about him except about him being clingy, but still give him a chance lol
                              Sorry I always feel bad for the non love interest
KissingInTheRain021 KissingInTheRain021 Dec 21, 2016
                              *Throws water on readers*
                              That'll do them some good