Hello Gorgeous: An Enzo Origin Story

Hello Gorgeous: An Enzo Origin Story

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Lori Goldstein By LoriGoldstein Updated Jan 02, 2015

What do we know about Enzo? He fought in World War II. He was held captive and tortured by the Augustine Society for ten years. He's fiercely loyal, holds grudges, and has a thing for blonds.

But that's the Enzo who's been a vampire for . . . we don't even know how long.

This is the Enzo from before.

NOTE: This was written and published before Enzo's storyline was addressed in the show. See what you think of this spin on his origin!

Vampire Diaries FanFic, Based on the TV series, full credit to the amazing creators for their fantastic characters!


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I LOVE The Vampire Diaries, and it inspired me to write my very first piece of fanfic. It will not be my last. I hope you like it! If you do, please leave a comment and/or a vote, and let me know what other stories you'd love to see.

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I'm not even 1 minute into reading and all this shade 😂😂
NoraGreyson1234 NoraGreyson1234 Feb 04, 2016
The prologue from my first novel is already published ! If you want to read if and help me to spread the story quickly it would mean a lot. Thanks!!!
Namay001 Namay001 Jan 03, 2016
hey good story I wrote a story and l think you'll like  it its name is ben fight
Kitcathushpupp Kitcathushpupp Dec 12, 2015
Okay, I am a VP dork 100% so I keep reading his lines with his voice. I can't stop shuddering. Enzo's voice just gives you cold chills, does it not!
JishyTheSwishyFishy JishyTheSwishyFishy Nov 16, 2015
Honestly that first sentence was perfection XD
                              I keep re-reading it and each time in his voice XD
malikwilly malikwilly Oct 30, 2015
I'm just gonna straight up admit I read it in his voice.. accent and everything