Sherlock x reader one shots

Sherlock x reader one shots

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CYRIOUSLY!?!?! By CameSoakedInBleach Updated Sep 14, 2015

I set a plate of warm Christmas cookies on the table. John Watson took interest and grabbed a few, handing one to his wife, Mary.

I took a couple and began taking giant bite of one.

I sat down next to Sherlock on the couch and smiled at him as he scooted for me to join him.

"Wernt er cerkie?" I offered him a cookie while my mouth was clearly stuffed.

He shook his head.

"Come on, Sherly. You know you want it." I put one in his face.

He rolled his eyes and I fed him the cookie, shoving the entire thing in his mouth.

"Ahaha. Suck it." I shook my legs energetically.

He made a face and wiped his mouth off. He swallowed and took a breath, clearing his throat.

"How many cookies have you had? So energetic." John looked over, me  hyper from my high amount of sugar.

"A few plates, I dont know." I licked my lips reaching for more cookies.

"Ah ah. No more for you." Sherlock wrapped his hand tightly around my wrist as I clenched a fist in a ' that's totally unfair' sort of way.

I sat (a...

And then Moriarty walks in, about to give Sherlock a clue for whatever reason, and slowly walks out in fear of the super hyper girl.
if this actually happened, i probably would've thrown up already because my body cannot stand too much sugar; literally, i can only eat up to four or five cookies, then im done XD
queendingaling queendingaling Feb 08, 2016
It's not his umbrella falling out from under him but I like it
HeyoItsJosie HeyoItsJosie Nov 04, 2016
ɮɨtċɦ ʏօʊ aʀɛ taʟҡɨռɢ tօ ʏօʊʀ ɦɨɢɦռɛss
meap95588 meap95588 Feb 17, 2016
Did anyone else think if the "Don't appall me when I'm high" moment?
superwholock_phan superwholock_phan Jan 10, 2016
I can just imagine myself purposely dumping ice cream on him to annoy him. (Amazing story btw!!)