Tainted love // book two in the Forbidden Love series [Completed]

Tainted love // book two in the Forbidden Love series [Completed]

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Ness Martin ❣ By NessMartin Completed

~book two~

~ONLY read after reading the first book and the prequel~ 

Stella and Jacob are on the run for their lifes after killing two of Jacob's werewolf pack members after they tried to kill Stella. 

They escaped from Australia with not only Jacob's pack hunting them but Stella's maker also looking for her. 

The two of them have broke the biggest rule in the undead and unhuman world; they fell in love. 

With the werewolf elders, the Vampyres and Zac, Stella's maker hunting them, Stella and Jacob will do anything to keep each other safe. 

They hide throughout the world trying to escape but unfortunately they are caught. Stella and Jacob are then brought to Romania where the Vampyre Coucil are at. 

Stella must decide between her love for Jacob or her responsibilities with being a vampire and still belonging to Zac. 

Living in coexist within the castle of the Vampyre, Stella and Jacob must abide by the rules or suffer the true death.

Dedicating this book and the whole series to @Magdala13 for her support and her fantastic and hilarious comments. Thank you for everything


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primcesss primcesss Sep 03, 2016
Il glad he wants to protect her but it's nut just Stella anymore. It's Stella and Jacob. Save one save the other.
thebiggestwitchy thebiggestwitchy Jul 24, 2016
Well I agree with half that sentence but there is no way in hell Stella will let you hurt Jacob
Tori_anna Tori_anna Jul 24, 2016
Correction you've already lost her to a fûck--able werewolf
Magdala13 Magdala13 Jul 17, 2016
Oh and by the way. Ever since book one, I found out that his name sort of rhymes with these two words I came up with, Scary Crayon, so I thought he deserved it. It's been like that ever since. except when he was younger and nice. But anyways, you are free to call him that if you wish Jacob😄
Magdala13 Magdala13 Jul 17, 2016
😭😭Too much. Thank You. You're too kind💜 let's be honest, I write fabulous things cause of these fabulous books.  If only this was a real book in my hands. I would put it on my fridge😄
Naina0717 Naina0717 Feb 02
This is too much for my heart 😍😍😍😳😭😘💖💗💖💗💗