What You've Done To Me {Sterek}

What You've Done To Me {Sterek}

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50 Shades of Sterek By Oh_My_Minho Updated Jun 20, 2015

Stiles is 147 pounds with pale skin and fragile bone. And his best friend is an Alpha.

Derek is a werewolf with a daunting past. And his uncle is Satan in a V-neck. How could he fall in love with such an unusual boy?

One thing leads to another and when the two guys are left in a room with no escape for one night, things happen. 

This is around the time of season 4, some adjustments 
Warning: It's confusing, but it will tie together eventually. It has a back story so not 100% Sterek fluff :/
Enjoy Sterek shippers : )

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And Stiles has ADHD, so sitting and staying still is not an option.
saccharinepastels saccharinepastels Apr 11, 2016
Lol, me. Do or Die situation, no problem, but give me simple directions and I flounder
little_miss_crazy01 little_miss_crazy01 Jan 08, 2015
3 pages in and I'm already confused XD I should go back to picture books XXLD
The moment I read Dr.D all I thought of was the name Dr.Dinkle idk why I just did and it made me laugh