The New Boy: Phan High School AU

The New Boy: Phan High School AU

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manu By lets-be-fictional Updated Jan 12

Dan Howell: resident theatre geek, is taken by surprise after instantaneously falling for the pretty new boy. 

Phil Lester: awkward new kid, doesn't even have time to adjust to a new town and new people and a new school before falling for a boy he met on the bus his first day. 

Everyone Else: has no idea why it took so long for Dan and Phil to realise they like each other. 

You: hopefully reads, votes, comments on, and immensely enjoys this story. 

Me: is The Worst, but hopes you like this story.  tries to stick to a regular update schedule, but sometimes fails miserably.

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I thought it was already gonna start off with smut by the long “fuuuuuuuuuuuck
Daniel Howell 
                              Daniel Howel
                              Daniel Howe
                              Daniel How
                              Daniel Ho
                              Daniel H
                              Danny b
                              Danny bo
                              Danny boy
rosesyndromes rosesyndromes Sep 11, 2017
I fūcking love this story already, I cab already tell that this book is gonna be amazing
I’m pisśed off, I’ll pisš on anybody cause is spit raw. I split jaws, I’m hip hop, I’ll Nicholas cage ur face off ! If u knew who sings that I now love you
yeah the last big crush i had was in 5th grade and it did not end well,, i haven’t had that big of a crush since
- - Jul 18, 2017
I wake up naturally, and I'm
                              Proud (my school starts at 9am tho)