The New Boy: Phan High School AU

The New Boy: Phan High School AU

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manu By lets-be-fictional Updated 6 hours ago

Dan Howell: resident theatre geek, is taken by surprise after instantaneously falling for the pretty new boy. 

Phil Lester: awkward new kid, doesn't even have time to adjust to a new town and new people and a new school before falling for a boy he met on the bus his first day. 

Everyone Else: has no idea why it took so long for Dan and Phil to realise they like each other. 

You: hopefully reads, votes, comments on, and immensely enjoys this story. 

Me: is The Worst, but hopes you like this story.  tries to stick to a regular update schedule, but sometimes fails miserably.

I'm actually in theatre and let me just say
                              THE TEACHER IS A PRICK AND I DISLIKE HER 
                              So I moved to costume design :3
Me when my crush wants to hang out (we both love video games and we are basically best friends Im good at hiding emotion tho☺)
In school pictures I apparently look like I just sacrificed someone to satan and did not got put on hold.
scaaron_burr scaaron_burr 3 days ago
I haven't come out to my parents but my mom always hints that I'm gay. Probably because all the questions I asked as a child about if I could marry a girl instead
I didn't wake up entail like one pm and then I just spent the entire day up to midnight writing
Sorry buddies, but it takes more than five seconds to develop a crush.