The New Boy: Phan High School AU

The New Boy: Phan High School AU

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manu By lets-be-fictional Updated Jan 12

Dan Howell: resident theatre geek, is taken by surprise after instantaneously falling for the pretty new boy. 

Phil Lester: awkward new kid, doesn't even have time to adjust to a new town and new people and a new school before falling for a boy he met on the bus his first day. 

Everyone Else: has no idea why it took so long for Dan and Phil to realise they like each other. 

You: hopefully reads, votes, comments on, and immensely enjoys this story. 

Me: is The Worst, but hopes you like this story.  tries to stick to a regular update schedule, but sometimes fails miserably.

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llyssaidk llyssaidk Sep 21, 2017
"Phil walks up to Dan, stroking his glabella "nice glabellers" "thanks ma dude"
llyssaidk llyssaidk Sep 21, 2017
llyssaidk llyssaidk Sep 21, 2017
SAME! In my PE I had it with my BESTFRIEND and we were legit acting like little kids playing tag and hide and seek when we were 13.
rosesyndromes rosesyndromes Sep 11, 2017
I fūcking love this story already, I cab already tell that this book is gonna be amazing
miles_hasgoodmanners miles_hasgoodmanners Aug 31, 2017
my musical theater class is literally 99% queer ppl (our schools pretty chill so a lot of ppl are out)
flutterfluffpie flutterfluffpie Jul 25, 2017
Well u made the phantom mad *grabs a bat* who's ready to kill some people ^ω^