A Literal Curve in the Rebels' Road

A Literal Curve in the Rebels' Road

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Clarity By Clarity-Art Updated Aug 13

For Kanan and Hera, life has never been easy under the tyrannical rule of the Empire--between helping lead a rebellion and playing parents to a squabbling crew of troublemakers, it only makes sense that they should be alone on an off-day supply run.

But after an accident that leads to something else, they're left in the consequential aftermath of tidal trouble.

Sometimes, you need old friends, current rebels, and new acquaintances to keep your head above the water. But if you can't tread for long enough, drowning will be the least of your problems.

Semi-AU where Kanan is still blind, but Ahsoka is alive.

Star Wars Rebels (c) Disney, Lucasfilm, and Darth Filoni (who goes by the alias Dave)
Story and any OC's (c) Clarity-Art
Cover (c) Syndulla

daladae daladae Jun 29, 2016
I've seen so many star wars fan fictions that aren't well written or interesting in anyway at all, that's why I was hesitant to read this. But now that I've read the first chapter, I really love how you wrote it! :D
hiiddles hiiddles Mar 12, 2016
This story is amazing, I just found it and I love it, hopefully you're updating soon!
shanSWfan shanSWfan May 08, 2016
                              *crosses fingers and prays that it's one of three people I've come up with*