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If fate allows (OHSHC fanfic OCx???Yaoi)

If fate allows (OHSHC fanfic OCx???Yaoi)

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Not gonna tell By UKE_BELIEVER Updated Aug 13, 2016

Alex has always been the kind of kid who never really interacted with anybody. Well except for his family that is. So when he gets a scholarship from Ouran, he has no choice but to accept because of his promise he made to his cousin (Fujioka Haruhi), which was if he got the scholarship and so did she they would both go together. Alex thinks it'll be a drag but does it anyways and little does he know his world is about to get a bit bigger thanks to the members of the host club. 

I do not OHSHC it belongs to it rightful owner.  Also i know this description is terrible but bear with me I'm new the whole writing thing. Enjoy the story XD

are you related to Sebastian Michaelis??????????????????????????????????????
melatoninArtist melatoninArtist Jun 26, 2016
Me: Yay PTV!!
                              Stranger: What's PTV?
                              Me: -pushes off cliff-
Randomly_Crazy_Otaku Randomly_Crazy_Otaku Sep 26, 2016
I always wanted one school bell to say 'next class bitches' or 'go to lunch motherfuckers'
                              IM ONW UWHNW-HAHAHAHA
2pCanAme 2pCanAme Jul 21, 2016
This is totally random but i wanna see sebastian react to pokémon GO!
*sees pic* 
                              Take it off!!!!! OML UR HOT TAKE IT OFF 
                              *CHANTS* TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF 
                              *Looks at title* 
                              How is that me already