Something Happened

Something Happened

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Sarah By kirch_123 Completed

If there is anything Catherine hates more than parties, it's going to parties.

When her best friend, Katie, drags her along to one, all Cat wants to do is hide in a corner and read her book. Unfortunately, Fate has other plans. Said "plans" being a boy named Lucas.

Little did Cat know, this boy would change her entire world.

For a while things were going great; they were dating, they were happy. That all changed when Katie meets Lucas' twin brother, Michael.

Something isn't right between them, secrets are being kept and bruises keep appearing. Suddenly, Cat is on the outside and despite her attempts to figure out what is going on, Katie insists that everything is fine.

Maybe Katie's right. Maybe nothing is wrong.

But, Cat is determined to find that out for herself.

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