The Fallen ➵Lahey

The Fallen ➵Lahey

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Patch Cipriano By ephemeralucy Updated Jan 27, 2016

Warning:Needs editing

"I know that I don't look like much but I can do a lot of damage."

Layla Martin is just like her twin sister Lydia except she isn't as clueless to all the supernatural
events that have been happening in her town. Layla has to somehow help Scott and his friends while she tries to help her sister and herself.

Layla isn't exactly sure of what she is capable of but all she knows right now is she has one heck of a scream. Layla will have to become her own person and learn what it means to be a hero. Layla Martin is a Fallen who is determined to Rise.

{Season 2, 3a &3b}

© 2015-pxsey
All credit to Jeff Davis, the writers and producers of Teen Wolf. Layla is my character and I own most of her lines and actions.This story is mine and I can easily find out if you have stolen it. You shouldn't post it without my permission and this is me saying no to you posting it. If I find out you have copied my story then it will result in legal matters. I will press charges for copy right infringement and personally kick your ass so don't steal. If you know or believe someone is copying, stealing or using similar plots and such of mine in their stories then please let me know. You've been warned.

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No one on here is spelling anything correctly it's hilarious
Human-exposure Human-exposure Feb 01, 2016
this book is amazing. but what im about to do is i know totally wrong but could you maybe read one of my books ive been working hard on them and i have no one to read them too thank you a bunch
jennixoxo27971 jennixoxo27971 Jan 07, 2016
" I start to feel all weird and tingly" Sounds to me like you have a teensy crush on Scitt, Layla. But then again i may be wrong. I'm almost always wrong, so... yeah
BrendaStilinskixxx BrendaStilinskixxx Aug 18, 2015
OMG MY NAME IS LAYLA !! so happy xx anyways I lie this story
berryalllen berryalllen Jun 11, 2015
just wanted to say I absolutely love this story and have reread it like 3 times