#Wattys2016 Metal Has No Heartbeat (A Blue Beetle [Young Justice] Fanfiction)

#Wattys2016 Metal Has No Heartbeat (A Blue Beetle [Young Justice] Fanfiction)

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Kaido By KaidoKurahana Updated Nov 05

Mahiko is happy with her life; a science experiment living peacefully with others who were part of the Metal Men Project, going from YouTube singer by day to hero Platinum by night. When the experiments begin to advance on their powers, word gets out of their existence, bringing all sorts of trouble their way. Their saviour and Doctor asks the Justice League's young Co-ops Team for help. How will Mahiko be, working alongside the boy who has already broken her heart twice, especially since she still loves him? While Mahiko and her friends are being hunted, she can not help but feel that she knows the one who is hunting her. 

"I'm not the same anymore Jaime," she mumbles, laughing vainly at herself. "Can't you see that?" He grabs her shoulders tightly. His hands feel familiar. It takes everything in her to not lean up and kiss him.

"Don't say that. You're still the same Mahiko."
"But I'm not Mahiko anymore. I'm Platinum."

"You can be both," he whispers, pushing his forehead on hers. He lets go of her arm and places his hand over where her heart is. "I can still feel- I can still hear your heart beat. It always races, every time we're this close."

Deep down she knows she needs him. Yet she knows she is a danger to him. "Metal has no heartbeat," she says, just above a whisper. Her words shock him into releasing her. Platinum steps back into the shadows.

SHE'S MEXICASIAN!! (Asian and Mexican mixed 😂 me and my friends thought this up)
-ravendarkholme -ravendarkholme May 19, 2015
Please update!!! I love this story, and I've been waiting (quite impatiently, sorry)
_Stxdia_ _Stxdia_ Apr 21, 2015
Omg love it this is gonna be one of my fav stories I can feel it
Selenathewhitewolf Selenathewhitewolf Apr 20, 2015
haha thankyou so much, i love it, and Mahiko is just hilarious with her little sass thing with Alissa. hahaha its like Percy and Clarisse kinda.
                              Thank you so much for the update.
                              only thing is i have an exam in two days and i keep getting distracted XD
CherryRedRose CherryRedRose Apr 19, 2015
Stupid Jaime. I feel sorry for Mahiko(sp? Srry doin this on my phone)
_Stxdia_ _Stxdia_ Jan 17, 2015
O.M.G. I love this it's so good  can't wait for you to update