I fell into 'Harry Potter'

I fell into 'Harry Potter'

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In editing, but this chapter is going to stay completely and utterly wrong - sort of - but remember, at this point, I hadn't read Harry Potter yet, hell, I hadn't even started. Okay? I had only grew up with the movies, and then came to reading them when I read a Harry Potter fan fiction.

I sort of want to make it . . . less completely and utterly retarded with a swearing eleven year old. 


It was my eleventh birthday, and my parents had gotten me the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, I had started to read them; at first I was extremely bored but I kept on reading. Some books were pretty rubbish when you start them, but if you stick there for long enough, it become amazing. The first book had finally gotten interesting at the zoo.

I'd gotten to the part where they were on some deserted island, in the middle of the ocean, just to keep away from all those letters that were adressed to him, it was aparently a stormy night and Harry was awake when the miraculous happened. I got up...

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Redorlem Redorlem Jun 15
What if the pet chose me? Does that make me its pet? I dont wanna be a pet!
LMAO. That definition of Hagrid though. "And he looked homeless"
                              so you're a witch, but not like a 'Harry Potter witch'? so your like those "TVD" witches or a "bewitched"witch  or a "charmed" witch?
SupremeFox SupremeFox Apr 02, 2016
But what will happen when she doesn't hear her name to get sorted? She didn't exactly get a letter
lucaya_xo lucaya_xo Apr 04, 2016
Its true. It didn't get interesting to me until the zoo but I've read all the books about 10 times and give me 1 hour for the first couple of books then 2 hours for the rest and I finish it.
AurorEmily7 AurorEmily7 Mar 31, 2016
Don't worry, you won't. He'll teach him how to keep secrets and destroy horcruxes, even if that means killing himself.