Bound by Glass [✓]

Bound by Glass [✓]

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Vivian Cath By Nerdyna Completed


In a world which is believed to be dead, man lives in enormous glass spheres, also known as the Globes. 

What they don't know, however, is that is it safe to roam the scarred earth once more. The Outsiders, the ones which have escaped the Globes, know this. They chose freedom--at a price. They live in constant fear of murderous wolves and the Authorities of the Globes, which are all keen on killing all the Outsiders. But, it's all worth it: freedom over dictatorship. 

Tenna Finley, a curious, headstrong 17-year-old is an Outsider, abandoned by her mother when she was an infant. When her camp gets attacked by the Authorities, she has to find help, and the only person who can has been jerked out of her reach. 

Tenna has to save her friend. But that also means, that she has to return to that glass prison, which she thought she'd left behind forever...the Globes. 

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~COMPLETED but slowly editing my way through the chapters~
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SimplyFabulous01 SimplyFabulous01 Jun 18, 2016
This is an awesome starting ! I love the format and how it was to the point and not confusing and gave all the data to be known.
                              So far 
                              So good
ScreamoMexicans ScreamoMexicans Dec 04, 2016
The five Masters are the government. There, I have it figured out.
BitterTasteInUrMouth BitterTasteInUrMouth Dec 19, 2016
Question. How would she know what happened to her family if her mum disappeared when she was a baby?
Dreaming_Fantasies Dreaming_Fantasies Jun 24, 2016
Very interesting start! You have a great plot going, and I can tell that from the first chapter. I love the idea of the Globes. It sounds like something that could be developed into a movie.
                              This sounds like something I would buy at a bookstore. Excellent job!
skygardens skygardens Jul 13, 2016
musicobsessedfemale musicobsessedfemale Aug 07, 2016
Well hello, I'm finally taking my time to read this and I don't think I will be disappointed. I'm severely excited lol