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The Horse in the Prince's Stables

The Horse in the Prince's Stables

3.7M Reads 72.2K Votes 36 Part Story
Firecat057 By Firecat057 Completed

She's cursed to remain as a horse for the rest of her life. Her coat is colored black for her mother's transgression. Only for one hour every night her human self can shed the mane and the hooves. The only way to break this curse is to find someone who will fall in love with her. Kaelyn had always had her heart set on the wonderful and handsome prince Philip, but he doesn't even know she really exists. Nobody pays any attention to a palace horse. 
When the two of them are captured by common horse thieves, it is up to Kaelyn to bring Philip safely back home. It's a long journey, and they have many miles to cover. Perhaps prince Philip will discover that his horse "Aurora" is more than she appears?

huntercat06 huntercat06 Aug 29, 2016
😞 why is she so mean while trying to push ten pounds out her crotch?
Kwikduck Kwikduck 5 days ago
Just wondering, but since humans and horses age kind of different my considering how old they are, would she as a three year old horse also be a three year old toddler?
holly_schroeder holly_schroeder Jul 08, 2016
We have a white pony named freddie, he has the tinies ears 😂♡
Kwikduck Kwikduck 5 days ago
Is this story gonna be a mix between swan lake and beauty and the beast
This was not what I had in mind when I was looking for a horse story to read, but I'm really enjoying it! Your overall storytelling and characters are great! Thank you for writing it. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go back to reading it :)
scout-grey scout-grey Nov 28, 2016
I haven't met one stallion that wasn't an arrogant know-it-all...