Mortals/Demigods Meet Percabeth

Mortals/Demigods Meet Percabeth

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BlooregardQKazoo By BlooregardQKazoo Updated Jul 24, 2016

A/N: I hope you like this one. 

Hi, my name is Maria Dayle. I have black straight hair that goes down to my waist. I have brown eyes and a tan well, I had to go to a tanning bed to get it like this. I am the most popular girl in school everyone loves me (A/N: I know it's cliché but work with me here). 

I can get any boy I want well...except one. Percy Jackson, hottest boy in school and major sweetie. He has jet black hair that looked like he just rolled out of bed, beautiful sea green eyes, and a muscular body. He's on the swim team so, everyone knows he has a six pack. 

He turned down every girl in school because he has a girlfriend. Of course that was just a charade because he was waiting for the right time to ask me out.

During lunch I was sitting with my bestie, Patricia and some of my other 'friends'. Patricia, she has been my best friend since as long as I can remember. My friends,besides Patricia, were my how do I say this....minions. 

They follow my every move, every style...

DepressedBlueberry DepressedBlueberry Dec 10, 2016
No bittch
                              You don't find percabeth
                              Percabeth finds you
plutosgenius plutosgenius Aug 13, 2016
Bruh, I know you diD NOT JUST CALL BETH A B*TCH! You wanna go?
Narwhal1016 Narwhal1016 Sep 14, 2016
Totally, totally. Hey, there's a bottomless pit over there…I heard he's at the bottom.
plutosgenius plutosgenius Aug 13, 2016
Yeah, suuure. Well you just sit there and wait for that moment that he was oh, so waiting for.
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh Jul 05, 2016
Hun better shut up that lipstick covered mouth or aphrodite will get some SERIOUS revenge
dcan23 dcan23 Dec 30, 2016