42 things that girls should do for guys...

42 things that girls should do for guys...

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Mikayla By fearless94 Updated Aug 10, 2010

1. As much as you want to talk about past relationships, keep it to a minimum, unless he asks. You don't want him to feel like he's in competition with anyone.

   2. Every guy has a 'geeky' side of him. Whether it be video games, DVD, WoW, anime, football among other sports, or whatever. Don't make fun of him if you don't like it, either tolerate it, or learn to like it. DO NOT try to change him. If he's constantly ignoring you for that hobby of his, tell him.

   3. When you hug the boy, hold tight. It doesn't hurt to rest your head on him either.

   4. Compromise for movies. Watch his favorite movies and he'll give in for the movie you want to see.

   5. Sometimes pay for the date! I know guys hate this, but if he takes you out constantly, it's more than likely he's going to be poor! Treat him sometime. Even if you just buy the snacks!

   6. Hold his hand!! Even in the mall when you have a ton of bags, hold his hand.

   7. Don't run away from his favorite stores, if you don't li...