The Gang Leader what Me?

The Gang Leader what Me?

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YoShawty17 By YoShawty17 Updated Aug 21

Meet Victoria, an ordainary 16 year old girl who had to move to Mami. But she is lucky she was able to bring three of her friends. Her best friends Nikki, Ben, and Seth. She's Latina and she makes all te boys want her and all the girls hate her. She has dark brown hair, and brown eyes, she short but not to short. 

Meet Xavier a 17 year old gang leader. He and his friends, Lopez, Tobby, Caleb and Drew. Xavier is 'the Bad Boy' in Finland High School he and his friends. They have sluts lined up for them. They sleep around of course but also do drugs, street fight, and much more.

What happens when Victoria and Xavier meet? Will they love? Will they hate? Find out in The Gang Leader What Me?

ZombieZoe ZombieZoe Mar 27
Dude carpool save the planet maaan*in that weird nature obsessed car from the cars movies (I forgot the name)* seriously though CARPOOL
For me it was moving from Florida to Texas then back to Florida
Harmixer_ Harmixer_ Nov 11
If it 4 floors shouldn't have more than one master bedroom??
jhefli0353 jhefli0353 Mar 11
When your squad is a mess so you have one person tripping one person eating something and only one person looking fabulous.
SETH VAUGHN "JUST WHAT I NEEDED" READ THAT BOOK it has a girl dressed in black standing next to a guitar READ IT and the main characters name is Keely Staub
Not every ones first language is English I speak 4 different languages and aren't great with any of them so take a chill pill