Happy Endings

Happy Endings

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Lou By awesomewriter65 Updated Sep 19, 2018

Life hits Rebecca Waters and Philip Waters in the face when their mom gets thrown in prison. With their mom in prison and their dad gone their older brother Eddie takes them in. Growing up with a drug dealing mom was hard enough, but after the arrest it was even harder being raised by their brother who was still growing up himself despite his age.

Over the years once the kids watched as their older brother grew up from a rebellious teenager to a loving husband with a stable job and a baby. One mishap; their mother is released from prison on good behavior and is ready to fight for custody.

 If that can't get any worse, Rebecca struggles with the idea of falling in love and the drama of high school . Thankfully Phil and Rebecca have their best friends to stick besides beside them.  But when things start to look up, it all falls down. The twins' mom hires scheming lawyer Shane Russo to plead their case and let their mom win. As he gets close to Rebecca and her weird family, Shane soon learns that he suddenly cares for this family which makes the battle even harder. Not only that, but Shane deals with his own inner demons. 

Will they be able to stick together?

WARNING: Will have some suggestive themes/language and boyxboy scenes. If it ain't your thing then don't read. ENJOY!

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