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And he loved her (Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction)

And he loved her (Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction)

27.8K Reads 986 Votes 25 Part Story
Hannah Loh By only_kata Completed

"I had fallen so deeply in love with you that you became my reason to live," A lone finger touches my cheek, as gentle as a falling snowflake. "I can't ever let you go." 
All her life, Christine has toiled and suffered in hard work for her gravely ill father. But one day, her life takes a drastic turn when she is kidnapped by a mysterious masked man. But just when Christine starts to hate and fear her kidnapper, she discovers herself starting to get attracted to him. 
What happens exactly? 
What will happen to the both of them? 
Can fear turn into love... Or will it not? 
Read on and find out! 

E/C, Modern, Romance

I don't owe any of the characters.

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