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A New Start, My Derrière (Slowly Editing)

A New Start, My Derrière (Slowly Editing)

58.6K Reads 888 Votes 52 Part Story
FindersKeepers By FindersKeepers Completed

Vanessa Heart, is just normal seventeen year old girl. Has lived a hard life these past few months, losing both her mother and her life in New York. Moving with her father James and her twin brother Aidan to start someting 'new.'

After the move, she started to create feelings for someone she met online. (Not good advice btw) When she found out the identity, she was to say disappointed to find it wasn't who she was hoping for. Adding her long term ex boyfriend to the drama. Vanessa now has three guys after her and she knows that she can only pick one if any of them at all.

  • family
  • friendship
  • humour
  • relationship
  • school