The Nymph and the God

The Nymph and the God

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Every person has It's reason, 

Every God has It's tale.

Every women has a story 

Every man has a tail.

The story I'm about to tell 

Is the story about the nymph who fell

For a God, who was there to catch her. 

Every one thinks they know the story of the God of the underworld.  For the most part It's true. He did what he did for many reason. The greatest was for the queen of the nymphs. She was far more beautiful than any one or anything. All the men wanted her and all the women hated her because of it.

The God of the underworld wanted to see her for himself But could leave the underworld until certain days. So he sent his demons to get her. Many times he tried to get her, But never succeeded, until one day.

It was a very lovely day, sunny with some showers of rain. The queen loved the rain as much as she loved her subjects. She would dance in them with the water creatures and sing with the woodland creatures. A smile never left her face during those times, until the fire nymph...

stargirl1515 stargirl1515 Mar 26, 2017
Yeah! Girl power 👏👏👏🙅🙆💁✊👊👌💅👄💋💘❤
Kleinkay0513 Kleinkay0513 Oct 13, 2017
I like to interpret this as secretly all men are mermaids and they’re just waiting for the women to find out.
                              Game on!
SenpaiPeaches SenpaiPeaches Feb 01, 2017
When you can't find a word that rhymes so you just put tail xD
teylove2323 teylove2323 Sep 23, 2016
I got confused with "...has a tail". Maybe it should be "tale" instead? :)
mysteriousjelly mysteriousjelly Nov 19, 2016
Oh god, after reading every man has a tail, I died laughing.