Life As A Criminal (Hunter x Hunter Fanfic)

Life As A Criminal (Hunter x Hunter Fanfic)

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ネイ By hiiruneii Updated Aug 29, 2016

I'm Hina Cressendia a.k.a Misaki Dexera. Hina Cressendia is my fake name. My family throw me to Meteor City and i met them again in Yorknew City six years ago. I pay a group of terrorists to kill my family and they did. I pay 2 Million Jennies and ran back to Meteor City.

One month later i became a criminal for having killed my family.

Three months later i found that there's a massive scar across my right eye from god knows how. I open my right eye and found the eyeball turned black and there's a white dot on the middle and a purple colored crescent shaped thing below the white dot. I always cover it with a bandage. One month later my hair started to change colors before it was blonde now it's red. Since then i've been keeping that my actual name is Misaki Dexera.

One year later i found a group called Phantom Troupe and i joined them slaughter the Kurta's. Since then i found myself screwed up.

This is my first English story. I mean the story is using English. I'm so sorry if there's any grammar error. I'm not American/British/Australia/ whatever. so this is going to be hard. So.... see you in the first chapter!!!!


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I actually am a redhead, one question though, anime red (literal red) or Irish Genes Red?
Kurapika has stated that his clan was killed five years ago, when he was 17. If you do the math that would mean that Kurapika was 12 when his clan was killed.  If Misaki/Hina had participated in the killing of the Kurta clan she would have been 1 year old.
I'm confused, so the left eye is normal and the other one is black with a white pupil and a crescent moon on it?
McHetalian McHetalian Mar 05, 2016
no offense....but that kinda sounds a little
                              y'know.....too much 
                              like....Mary -sue-ish...
FanficWolfe FanficWolfe Jul 07, 2016
The O's have found eachother...i am included cause i have type O
TheNewBestThing TheNewBestThing Jul 10, 2016
U are so underweight for a 13 year old I mean my niece is six  and she's 58 and look s like a string to how skinny she is so how do u pull that off?