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The Elemental Wolf (TEW Book #1)

The Elemental Wolf (TEW Book #1)

130K Reads 5.5K Votes 47 Part Story
Anika By 12NiNi12 Completed

Astra's life changes the day she turns seventeen.

A day fated to be one that leads her to her mate, slowly turns into the miraculous discovery of her special powers, powers unheard of outside the lines of royal blood.

As problems arise when her secret threatens to be uncovered, Astra's life becomes endangered by a kingdom of those blinded by their desire for her gifts, and she is forced to flee from the place she's called home for her whole life into the safety of strangers.

With danger at every corner, Astra is faced with the realisation that she can't trust the faces that stand to help her, especially when she finds her mate in the form of the pack's Beta, Bellamy.

Follow Astra and her journey, and struggle beside her as she fights to come to terms with her powers, her confounded emotions for her new mate, and simultaneously stay alive long enough to fulfil her noble destiny.

>>Book 1 in The Elemental Wolf series<<

Wargirl123 Wargirl123 Jan 29, 2016
Mm Mm honey. I wouldn't go to a different pack WITHOUT my parents. Mm Mm
Fourfearsfilms Fourfearsfilms Dec 03, 2016
I would leave them in a blink to go to England 💂🏻‍♀️👑🎩
1D_lova_foreva 1D_lova_foreva Apr 25, 2016
Haha chimera on Teen wolf that eventually turned to wolf and now wolf here yayyy
chubby_boy100 chubby_boy100 Jan 29, 2016
she is the girl who acted in mortal instruments, right? Claire
1D_lova_foreva 1D_lova_foreva Apr 25, 2016
YAS Arizona my home land! ... Sadly I haven't been there in years
Why do I feel like this is like a teen movie or TV show 😂😂😂