Crush x Shy!Reader

Crush x Shy!Reader

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your local disaster By meowiplier Completed


this is my crushxshy!reader ;u;

basically a crush x you

except you're shy, which i assume most of you are towards your crush :3 my apologies if you aren't shy at all :'c 
anyways hope y'all like it

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Well a lot of people say I'm antisocial because I always stay in my room, reading x Reader stories, drawing, or singing. Yep that's life for me.
Its true!i have social anxiety!just being in front of an audience just scares me
MysticMochi MysticMochi Aug 23
I don't have natural straight because my hair gets curly when it's wet XD
minituber12 minituber12 May 30
I am mean so I get my crush head and push him into the 🎹 duuuuhhh duhhh duh duhhhhh
"You heard the school bell ring and you began to run." "...began to run." "" No, just no.
*Pushes crush onto a piano and makes a scary sound when you smash the piano keys*