Crush x Shy!Reader

Crush x Shy!Reader

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your local disaster By meowiplier Completed


this is my crushxshy!reader ;u;

basically a crush x you

except you're shy, which i assume most of you are towards your crush :3 my apologies if you aren't shy at all :'c 
anyways hope y'all like it

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DezLikesDolans DezLikesDolans Oct 28, 2017
Hunnyyyyyyyyy! I'm black asfff. My hair can't stay straight for more than 10 minutes!
                              *tries to find piano*
                              I CANT FIND IT
                              *looks at computer*
                              Wait a sec...
                              *plays a video of a piano aggressively getting hit over and over*
                              I did it
MJ_reads123 MJ_reads123 Nov 21, 2017
*rubs temples*
                              I must be really desperate for a guy if I'm here. Anyway, CAN'T WAIT TO READ BECAUSE IM FEELING SUPER DEPRESSED AND LONELY!
wasabi_xx wasabi_xx Jan 22
my hair is black and v curly, i don't wear jeans, and i'm the only one in the house that does dishes... ;-;
All my friends are social butterflies, I’m the most sarcastic and anti-social of them all. And my hair is quite curly and light brown. My family is always out of the house before I even wake up so that’s pretty much the same.
Hanah_Kiala Hanah_Kiala Nov 11, 2017
HOLD ON!!! At first this seemed like it was me with the anti social thing but I do not look like that and why would I wear that?