Crush x Shy!Reader

Crush x Shy!Reader

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your local disaster By meowiplier Completed


this is my crushxshy!reader ;u;

basically a crush x you

except you're shy, which i assume most of you are towards your crush :3 my apologies if you aren't shy at all :'c 
anyways hope y'all like it

You get to pick our hair colour? My hair is short brown and curly.
*plays a high g note*
                              *starts crying uncontrollably*
                              WHEN I WAS
                              A YOUNG BOY...
I thought that said 
                              Welcome To the Black Parade...
                              *falls to the floor crying*
*plays B And E in the last octave* MARIOOOOOO (if you guys like Mario and have a piano, try it out. You'll know what it is)
My hair is black and curly...and I've got a lot of split ends...
This sounds exactly like my life except for the parents part