Stuck With You

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_holy_crap_ By _holy_crap_ Updated 2 years ago
Meet Matt Klarner, your average jock who didn't have a care in the world except that he's the heir to Klarner Industries and is worth billions. That's how people saw him and how he thought he felt until he was forced to work with Emily Brown for a history project. Through struggles and deaths, Emily seemed to be able to pull herself together and thinks she knows exactly what she wants- to attend Stanford. Matt and Emily soon learn that to work together, they have to remove whatever they're hiding behind and look beyond each other's differences.
    "Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."
Omg i kno a guy named James Davenport thats soooo crazy but love the book so far
Matt's dad is getting married to a girl who is only half his age?  Bridget is pathetic, I hate her! >:(
Is this book complete? I'd rather not start it and then be left hanging haha I'm impatient. Lol it looks awesome
lol about his most prized possessions o.O haha. really good, i like it :) added it to my library 
I just found this story while browsing randomly through the romance section. Glad I clicked on it! I will be adding it to my library! 
i actually already read this but it was worth a second read. great start.