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Kamisama kiss Tomoe x reader

Kamisama kiss Tomoe x reader

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Victoria Melody Grim By Music-queen-Tori Completed

You've been having nightmares the past few weeks about a terrifying fox spirit. You could hardly believe it when your friend found an anime with the exact same fox spirit. While watching the anime you fall asleep and wake up somewhere you never expected to be.... IN Kamisama kiss!!!
What shall happen to you?

MiyukiTori MiyukiTori Apr 05
When he looks at me, and I look at him, and when he looks at me, and I look at him! 
                              This actually
                              Like me...
                              Cause like if anyone that I love or care about is in danger I protect them...
                              I guess that you can say I blindly jump into the face of danger if I see anyone I love in trouble
MiyukiTori MiyukiTori Apr 05
                              *jumps on his back and holds my katana in the air toward the yokai*
                              Let's blow this popsicle stand😎😡
Lol ahahahahahaha.... I USED TO HAVE long hair 😂😂😂😁 but its somewhat long now cause about six months ago I had it long but cut it somewhat short to donate most of my hair for kids who have cancer
I had to re read this cause I thought it said "I'll let  it hurt you" and I was like 😩😭😭why am I mean?😂😂💀
If that was me I'd jus start going around and try to find a way into every fandom and Nanami would be like 'Miss, are you feeling alright?'