-= Lesbian Hetalia reader inserts =-

-= Lesbian Hetalia reader inserts =-

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Reader inserts. 

Hollar for a dollar.

Now doing requests again.

Sorry for being that one person. The correct way to spell this is Eekaterina. I'm only saying this because this is my actual name
Kawaii_Mira Kawaii_Mira Nov 14, 2015
ugh, if getting a girlfriend was this easy then i would be running into my crush everyday..... *Sigh* T^T
Bruhtaku Bruhtaku Oct 09, 2015
If u r trash and u kno it clap ur hands *isabelle claps hands*
mustachesockmonkey mustachesockmonkey Oct 04, 2015
What's weird is that my name is Natalia. I know it's spelled different but I'm pretty sure it's pronounced the same. Huh coincidence??
Hitachiin_freak Hitachiin_freak Jul 21, 2015
that happened to me when I was little!!! XD
                              me and my cousin Annette were walking, we tripped at the same time and when I tried to move her boobs were on my little fragile head