Staz Blood x Reader

Staz Blood x Reader

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Llena Colorandez By ClaudiaVaughnRose Updated Feb 01, 2015

I came through something really dark that looked like a mirror.When i went inside i saw a group of man saying

"The Boss wants to see you"

The man said and picked me up and put me on his shoulder. I stayed calm not wondering what will happen next.
I was brought to a room being shoved in.
I saw a man with black hair and red eyes. I also saw a girl next to him with black hair and with a head band around her head.

"Im Shizo The Boss of the Eastern District and this is Fuyumi" He said pointing to the girl.

"Hey Boss we need help"
A familiar voice said.
"Handle it yourself Deku"
So that's his name.

"Are you sure it sounds really important" I replied.
I saw him cover his mouth.

"You're...You're Cute! He said holding on my arms.
"Huh" I replied.
"I really like you and so i don't want to hurt you In fact i want to protect you.Yeah,Protect You,I dont have an urge to bite that white soft looking neck of yours And i do anything you ask of me Since my silly buddies to be in trouble!"
Staz sai...

JyugoEscapes JyugoEscapes Jul 12, 2016
I'm listening to Melanie Martinez Alphabet Boy while reading this lol
Bish wut do u mean pale skin I'm Latina and latinas don't have pale skin
Midnxght_Echo Midnxght_Echo 3 days ago
Is this fanfic the copy of the original anime but u just changed fuyumi to the reader ~-~