Not the Luna

Not the Luna

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purple_mustaches00 By purple_mustaches00 Completed

Not the Luna. Not the Luna. That's my one request. 

I guess the moon goddess doesn't take requests. 
She's different. She doesn't think like other girls, or other Alphas. Other than hating her pure white wolf, she also afraid of being Luna because of her dad. She's always respectful to everyone and never gets in trouble. 

He's special. He's captain of the football team, Alpha, and most popular kid in school. He gets in trouble and is extremely laid back. 

5 Alphas. 5 packs. 1 High school. 

When one of the Alpha's decides to act up, he creates a growing threat that no one saw coming, though his warning. 

He's the Alpha of the weakest pack, what could he possibly do? 

But that's where they're wrong. 

Molly and Jack. Almost polar opposites. Almost.  

Weird how the one thing they seem to have in common, pulls them apart.

A broken past.

_FairyTail101_ _FairyTail101_ Feb 07, 2016
So....does that mean that even though her human form is clean...her wolf form is not?
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Jul 16, 2016
I thought she said Jake Ryan too but I thought of Hannah Montana..
LazySandwich32 LazySandwich32 Nov 09, 2016
So she just dragged a bloody deer through the house and into his office?
LazySandwich32 LazySandwich32 Nov 09, 2016
So I'm guessing she enjoys hunting. I just hope it isn't in a psychotic killer way.
LazySandwich32 LazySandwich32 Nov 09, 2016
So they just have a whole friggin night club set up in the woods?... I dig that 😐.
SumSum835 SumSum835 May 10, 2016
Man, I thought she was going to say Jake Ryan. I was like, "SIXTEEN CANDLES!"