Incomplete [Vkook story]

Incomplete [Vkook story]

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Jisoos-Christ By Jisoos-Christ Completed

"Love is just a word, not a feeling."

"Not to me."

In which Jungkook is the new boy in the school and Taehyung is the playboy bully

  • bangtan
  • comedy
  • romance
  • vkook
  • yaoi
PaulaHammie PaulaHammie Nov 18, 2017
I may come off a bit rude rn but 
                              stop calling jin eomma
                              he doesnt like it.Youre misgendering him and he's said he doesnt like being calling eomma,princess,etc,just freaking stop already
jungkook must be failing his sciences becuse wood doesn’t rust buddy
25_emily_25 25_emily_25 Dec 13, 2017
Why did I imagine a kid with headphones and a floppy black fringe at first reading poems about death
doodled doodled Oct 28, 2017
i just realised smth
                              basically every sentence begins with 'I'
blessyouallsinners blessyouallsinners Oct 19, 2017
First book to have jikook as brother. Author must really not ship them
-mintyoongay- -mintyoongay- Aug 08, 2017
Can I just say
                              I LOVE YOUR USERNAME AND PROFILE PICTURE
                              Joshie's my bias in seventeen ^3^