Incomplete [Vkook story]

Incomplete [Vkook story]

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Jisoos-Christ By Jisoos-Christ Completed

"Love is just a word, not a feeling."

"Not to me."

In which Jungkook is the new boy in the school and Taehyung is the playboy bully

  • bangtan
  • comedy
  • romance
  • vkook
  • yaoi
Jin: bITCH
                              Tis is Jungcock, my son, so treat him with motherfucking respect
                              *grabs flipper*
Because he wanna be genius so he will get namjoon attention.
First book to have jikook as brother. Author must really not ship them
Can I just say
                              I LOVE YOUR USERNAME AND PROFILE PICTURE
                              Joshie's my bias in seventeen ^3^
mintaeto mintaeto Jul 01
Might as well throw in his entire back story while you're at it.
-saltjeon -saltjeon Sep 08
The average korean is beautiful but jin is worldwide handsome