He gives me shelter - Peter Pan

He gives me shelter - Peter Pan

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"You don't understand." Peter says. "I love you, I've loved you since the day one. HE doesn't care about you, not like I do."

"Captain Hook is a good person." Blair says. "Unlike you. You are a selfish child, Peter. He cares about me."

"I cared about you first. I loved you first, you belong to me."

"I do not!"

"Blair." Peter says. "You are my Queen. You belong here, with me. You don't belong to 'Captain' Hook."

"I belong to nobody." Blair says.

"Wrong. You are mine."

Peter has his eyes on Blair: The pretty lost girl who's heart is as wild as Peter's and who's mind is as sharp as Hook's hook. Too bad for Peter, Hook has his eyes on her too. And now Blair is trying to get out of the web without hurting or getting hurt - and of course save her brother and Henry.

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DamagedPunk DamagedPunk Sep 05
Well pan did visit Wendy once in ouat so she was there kinda
If Peter said "you're my lost girl" to ME, I would die from fangirling
mikasa7711 mikasa7711 Nov 03
Why does this have to remind me of James Moriarty? XD why Sherlock fandom, whyyyyyyyyyyy
I don't know why but I never liked wendy at least the one from OUAT idk y but I just don't so I'm glad that she was never the first lost girl
Is it weird that I just randomly imagined Elvis saying this line