New Girl (Draco X Reader)

New Girl (Draco X Reader)

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S h a d o w By S-h-A-d-O-w Updated Jul 27, 2016

You must be the unluckiest girl in the world. First, your Father spontaneously dies of a heart attack just as you get back to your lovely school, Waverly, after winter break.  Then your mother decides that it would be best if you both moved to England, which meant you had to switch to a TOTALLY different school for your third year of magical education. Great just great. 

While also in the process of leaving all your friends behind, getting used to being thrown completely in the middle of a new environment, and coping with your mother's attitude problems , you have to find a way to fit in, could that one simple wish come true because of a certain snarky, blonde teenager? What lies in store for you at this 'Hogwarts'? Friendship, love, hate, rivals,death? 

Who knows, you're just the new girl on the block.

Wolfclaw1048 Wolfclaw1048 Sep 24, 2016
Sadly my mothers eyes are different and I take mine after my dad.
anoemily anoemily Nov 16, 2016
Emily is my name......well since there's so many Emily's I'll chance my name to Bob! Jk jk jk 😂😂😂😂😂
i_am_lonley i_am_lonley Nov 02, 2016
My name is @Kristine_dobbin you killed my father! PREPARE TO DIE!
thepsychogingerfox thepsychogingerfox Jul 31, 2016
Sorry I know you've probably already finished this story but can you please put down Y/N instead of name because it confuses me
Otaku_Gamer2002 Otaku_Gamer2002 Jan 16, 2016
Hang nails drive me crazy, it makes me want to pull it out.... TMI
scenerdoth scenerdoth May 16, 2015
Fact for future reference: The wizarding school in America is the Salem Institute.