Bad Boy Love

Bad Boy Love

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Ana Martinez By imagineana Completed

Ariana Martin is a senior at Crystal High.
She's the girl who gets the good grades, and stays home on weekends instead of going out and partying wild. She's not the typical clique good girl, she has a dark secret from her past.

She has 2 best friends: Megan Fitts and Derek Matthews. They are the only 2 people who know what Ariana's dark secret is and Ariana wants to keep it like that. 

But.. in the middle of her senior year, a new student transfers to her school.
He's name is Ryder Perez. 
He has a scary past. He's a player, a complete douche, nothing like Ariana.
Ryder moved to start fresh without his past haunting him.
Ariana wants no one but her 2 best friends to know about her secret.
But what if they find something in between.
They're different, yes, but will their past collide? They hate each other but.. what if love finds them together? Will they open up to each other or.. wait for the worst?

I know right I have brown hair and brown eyes and it's so boring I hate it
- - Jan 29, 2016
Lucky bitch my school starts at 7:10 and I have to wake up a 6:00, and it's like winter in America and waking up in the morning is hard.
avengergirl0788 avengergirl0788 Dec 04, 2016
same, i love to read. im a book nerd, is it weird that i get excited when people have read the same book as me??
Snitkiflu101 Snitkiflu101 Nov 05, 2016
I'm 5'7 and 13 years old and i lock myself in my room reading my family hates it
Teenwolfobsessed1023 Teenwolfobsessed1023 Aug 21, 2016
Like I'm not even joking all of the descriptions are the same except I'm 5'3 and I'm not 17 😂
heath-ledger heath-ledger Dec 21, 2015
Can you please write MINUTES properly instead of "mins" legit gets me pissed. also please re read your sentences, a lot of them don't make sense.