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The Invincible Girl and The Giant Green Rage Monster.

The Invincible Girl and The Giant Green Rage Monster.

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sara By saint_potter Completed

Doctor Sara December Stark is Tony Stark's adoptive little sister. She was brutally beaten to death by her drunk father in the family's small apartment. Somehow, the radiation from leaking pipes revived her... permanently. Professor X found her on the streets, crying in the pouring rain and took her in, finding her a new set of parents; Maria and Howard Stark.

That is literally the EXACT way I sleep and I complain I get too hot but that doesn't change the fact that I turn into a human butterfly at night...
Emo_Cheshire_Cat Emo_Cheshire_Cat May 30, 2016
there must be something wrong with me I read this in a Indian accent and I'm American
Yogi_Bear500 Yogi_Bear500 Mar 13, 2016
I just imagined him looking her dead in the eye and saying "your brains capacity became unlimited and your senses were strengthened to a percent OVER NINE-THOUSAND!!!!
MicaelaMitchell MicaelaMitchell May 30, 2016
for some reason i just imagined her pressing her face against the car window with a poker face on
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Nov 24, 2016
Ok, so he only said it heightened her senses and brain capacity not that it made her nearly invincible. He could have thought she just got lucky or because of the powers coming it awoke her, or something. 
                               If this is when the car ride in which Mr. And Mrs. Stark die then he may think she died, too.
kkgertz kkgertz Jul 23, 2015
Francis Xavier's is a restaurant near where I live <3 the food is the bomb!