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;) By Dorky_29 Updated Mar 07

Maya an innocent girl, who avoids attention where ever she goes until she catches the eye of Ash Latino a man who brings fear by the mention of his name and glare which could send the strongest cowering. What will his world do to Maya will she survive the journey that's ahead or will Ash's world burn her and crumble everything she held together for so long. Will she resist the attraction?
He moved closer to her. Suddenly she was aware of everything around her, the hair standing on the back her neck, her blood rushed to her cheeks and her eyes fixed on his lip which he bit... ever so slowly. The sweat prickled down her back she was trapped as she had two muscular arm on either side of her body, which made her seem so small compared to his broad build. His breath was warm and she could feel the vibration deep within his chest which was pressed against her. A little growl escaped his lips. He tilted his head toward her ear slowly and she knew the feeling of fright being overpowered by the attraction she felt. Her breath slowed as his faced came closer. Slowly he uttered her name laced with need and lust his voice was low and husky and his breathing deep "I need you Maya... more than anything" and time froze.

I like your username and how the story is going so far. Even though there are some grammatical errors, that's cool with me. The content in your story is very rich.