love to a puppet (Sasori x reader x Deidara:)

love to a puppet (Sasori x reader x Deidara:)

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Mia!!! By happy66907 Completed

The snow blew across my face I look at all the blood on the cold ground that when I met those brown eye and his red hair. I knew someday he going turn me into a puppet like he did with my parent but what I doesn't know is he want me to be his personal puppet.

"Y/n look at all of these flowers my boyfriend gave to me!" I was just at the table looking at my parent photo album and on the last page is the picture of me with my parent before they died.

"Y/n please don't look at those picture of your parent." my mom friend took the photo albums away from me.

"I want to get revenge on the person who kill them!" I knew that person was probably dead or yet alive but I still can't forgive him after what he did with my parent

"That guy is probably long dead maybe you need some fresh air." my mom friend took my hand and we both walk down the stairs together.

"Hey Mia will you promise me you stay with me?"

"Oh course y/n your mom was friend with me and she was really important to me so it sha...

                                  "Pop tarts!?"
                                  (If you get this reference I love you"
    Renebloom Renebloom Jun 04
    itachi and sasori kauzu pain and tobi! all my faves zetsu is cool as well as kisame tho they rnt bf meterial to me more like they would be awesome friends
    @whoops_hello_there same like, what the hell is a mom friend!?
    touka_sasaki touka_sasaki Apr 21, 2016
    You probably wonder what a puppeteer is . Well it is a person who uses puppets but this person who killed your parents....he turns people into puppets. I cried,u finally understood
    NekoMadHatter NekoMadHatter Jun 29, 2016
    Once upon a time,  I was running for my life and a prince -cough- puppeteer I meant, came and saved me -cough- 
                                  *gets almost choked by Kankuro*
                                  Not you Kankuro! I meant Sasori! -cough-
    undying-thoughts undying-thoughts Mar 27, 2016
    What's funny is that my name is Mia, and I got scared a little when I saw the name Mia, cause I thought you knew my name😭