You Ain't Bad || Michael Jackson

You Ain't Bad || Michael Jackson

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{Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards winner 2016}

{Bad era - 1987} 


Becky Costello attends Montclair Prep College. Her parents dead, her brothers seemingly non-existent, she lives alone and only ever hangs around with her best friend Emma, and Emma's boyfriend, Mark.

There's a rough gang at that school, known as The Jax. Breathe on them the wrong way, and you're dead, that's how much they mean business.

However, when the new Jax member gets caught up with Becky, he realises he could possibly have met his match when it comes to fighting back - especially since this girl is different to everyone else he has ever met.

The first thing Becky notices about this new Jax member is his deep brown eyes. She hates to admit it, but she can't help but fall in love with them. But even with a pretty face, his personality is ugly, and that is what holds her back.

When they are both selected to go to university, and are paired up for almost every task set, they are forced to work together to create something... something unlike they've ever known before...

And they soon realise that the colour purple is very significant to their lives...

With drama, violence, and a little "Bad" behaviour, Becky and this new Jax member - along with all the people they know - start a crazy journey into the good, the bad, and the madness...

{Note - this story is slightly cliché, but I've added twists and whatnot to make it a little different! There is also an element of fantasy in this (ie. deceased loved ones coming back to see the characters). However, the majority is realistic (I hope).}

Thank you!

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McKenzie114 McKenzie114 Feb 14
To be honest I don’t really like when you come to school and the first sentence you write is ‚I saw my bestfriend‘
McKenzie114 McKenzie114 Feb 14
Gotta be honest,I don’t even do my hair,because they’re too short to do anything with them
moonwalkkss moonwalkkss Mar 01
Where are the teachers... call the police like wow!?!!?!?!😂😂😂
MikesTinkerbell MikesTinkerbell Dec 16, 2017
Thats why I hate relationship there is no forever in relationships but my love for mike is infinity tho
Angel164 Angel164 Jan 17
Re-reading this book again this was an amazing book i can’t wait to get to my favorite part😍💗💕💓💜💙
MikesTinkerbell MikesTinkerbell Dec 16, 2017
Tss who cares about them im a moonwalker and imma moonwalk all ovah their ass while singing billie jean