The Bet {Editing}

The Bet {Editing}

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What do you get when you mix a wealthy guy and a rebel in one?
              No other than the most popular bad boy in school, Ross Lynch.

When his reputation is on the line what will he do to recover it? Pretty much anything. 
His friends helping him decide how to fix the situation they make a bet. 

A bet to make no other than Laura Marie Marano become popular, fall in love with him, and win prom queen. 

What happens when he finds out Laura is more than what he bargained for? 
Does he fall for her along the way? Does he win the bet? 

Based On The Movie "She's All That".

Ross Lynch
Laura Marano
Riker Lynch
Vanessa Marano
Ellington Ratliff
Rydel Lynch
Ryland Lynch
Maia Mitchell 
Stormie Lynch
Mark Lynch
Ellen Marano
Damiano Marano

Featuring Ships:


  • badboy
  • highschool
  • humor
  • lauramarano
  • nerd
  • raura
  • romance
  • rosslynch
  • vanessamarano
Allysonkw2 Allysonkw2 Apr 05
I only get three presents too because my mom always says "if it is enough for Jesus then it's enough for you."
BaileyWiegert BaileyWiegert Jul 17, 2017
One time in math one of the kids in my class said the M.A.T.H. was the acronym for Mental Abuse To Humans, dont get me wrong I like math but I thought that was the funniest things ever😂
Raura_1995 Raura_1995 Aug 05, 2017
This is what I don't understand. How a school can have losers or populars If I had a school I wouldn't allow it unless if it were in a movie I don't care
Rydellingtons_Child Rydellingtons_Child Dec 02, 2016
Well you can't smoke anything unless you are 50 feet from the building.( in TN)
Lone_GirlWolf Lone_GirlWolf Oct 05, 2016
Yes I do know that… mostly because I experience it… I really wish they did though, you know start school later
moonlightbaed moonlightbaed Dec 16, 2016
Ik. Like why the hell does he have electricity, is he switched to somewhere?