Anger Issues [ Ziam ]

Anger Issues [ Ziam ]

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Zayn doesn't mean to do it, really, he doesn't. Its just that, sometimes, it happens before he can think. 

Anger Issues.

Pairing: Ziam. Slight Lilo.                                                    


this is so me when my mum or dad say no to me when I want a ice cream I always push them a little and then I leave so zayn is just like m without the forgiveness thing
Awwh Zayn, that was a really mean thing to do! :( APOLOGIZE!
You're unbelievable :b - It's not good, it's amazing, I swear! ❤
PanicBoyDead PanicBoyDead Jul 22, 2014
Is it bad I've been wanting to read a fic lately with this kind of plot?
MissPayne1999 MissPayne1999 Dec 06, 2012
I know it's only chapter 1 but I am already in love with this story!! uppppddddaaatteee sooonnn
Unknowndirectioner1 Unknowndirectioner1 Nov 09, 2012
@youcantgetlostif Aww thank you so much!! I think I'll be updating later today or early tomorrow :) x