Tessa, her mother, and her boyfriend Noah are in her dorm room during her first day of college and she has been assigned a roommate named Steph. Steph has bright red hair, tattoos, dark makeup and metal band posters hanging on her side of the room. She has guys in the room, two tattooed guys that make Tessa’s mother very uncomfortable. Tessa’s mother wants her to change dorms immediately but Tessa fights her on it, begging her mother to allow her to stay in the room with Steph, which would impact Tessa’s future more than she could ever know. But, what if Tessa agreed with her mother and changed dorm rooms that day?

GotTheStyles GotTheStyles Dec 28, 2016
Ha remember when Tessa dressed like a farmers wife 
                              Then she got that white dress that she wore all the fuçking time 😂😂😂
GotTheStyles GotTheStyles Dec 28, 2016
It's been a longggggggg time since I read after but my hatred for Steph is still strong. So that's nice.
kayyleigghh kayyleigghh Dec 28, 2016
Tessa would never say something like that "my mother means well. Mostly"
kayyleigghh kayyleigghh Dec 28, 2016
That didn't seem like something Noah would do. Harry yes but Noah no
PermalumVacation PermalumVacation Nov 18, 2016
'Cause I never wanna be that guy
                              Who doesn't even get a taste
                              No more having to chase
                              To win that prize
_wonderfxl _wonderfxl Nov 19, 2016
i wonder what harry is doing rn since he never really met tessa