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Tessa, her mother, and her boyfriend Noah are in her dorm room during her first day of college and she has been assigned a roommate named Steph. Steph has bright red hair, tattoos, dark makeup and metal band posters hanging on her side of the room. She has guys in the room, two tattooed guys that make Tessa’s mother very uncomfortable. Tessa’s mother wants her to change dorms immediately but Tessa fights her on it, begging her mother to allow her to stay in the room with Steph, which would impact Tessa’s future more than she could ever know. But, what if Tessa agreed with her mother and changed dorm rooms that day?

byamedaus byamedaus Apr 14
this is so fun!! i love seeing all the little connections with major/minor after characters (dan and melissa surprised me)
Correction fyjnhdfyhbvertghhbgvfghijjnbggggh 
                              And Steph is a snake
Why da fck are they worried about what she has on? They don't pay her tuition so fck em😂
This is childish. People put way to much emphasis on clothes. Bet Tessa is smarter than all of them🤔