Tessa, her mother, and her boyfriend Noah are in her dorm room during her first day of college and she has been assigned a roommate named Steph. Steph has bright red hair, tattoos, dark makeup and metal band posters hanging on her side of the room. She has guys in the room, two tattooed guys that make Tessa’s mother very uncomfortable. Tessa’s mother wants her to change dorms immediately but Tessa fights her on it, begging her mother to allow her to stay in the room with Steph, which would impact Tessa’s future more than she could ever know. But, what if Tessa agreed with her mother and changed dorm rooms that day?

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vote4finn vote4finn Oct 19, 2017
this is literally after lol same story same characters same everything
Floisey Floisey Jul 23, 2017
Wait what? Isn't Dan's sister that harry taped it named jamie? Isn't Melissa is an obnoxious and loud girl from Harry's letter? That harry ruined her life by saying she has some hygiene problem down there? I'm confused someone tell me 😕
ohmyfuckles ohmyfuckles Oct 26, 2017
at least it is realistic but tessa’s actual dumbaśs would go
ohmyfuckles ohmyfuckles Oct 26, 2017
yall are so asinine ^ it is legit a fanfic about a fanfic; it is about the theoretical
Floisey Floisey Jul 23, 2017