Not All Human (Teen Wolf and PJO)

Not All Human (Teen Wolf and PJO)

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Kayla By ThatSarcasticGirl6 Updated Mar 15, 2016

For all Stiles knew he was human. But then his dad tells him that his mom's grandparents are children of Greek gods Athena and Hermes, He goes to Camp Half-Blood for the summer. Stiles, after three months, returns to Beacon Hills. He is now trained  with different skills of weaponry and fighting. But a new threat is arising among Beacon Hills and Stiles is the only one who can help along with The Seven. 

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf or the PJO series.

This is after Kate Argent.

I love the story and I’m now cackling because of freaking SARCASTIC PENGUINS AND ITS AMAZING
WitherKing12 WitherKing12 Aug 01, 2017
Poor Leo, he says he is so hot it creates fire but cant land a girl
I once argued with a friend very long over the thing that if halfgod and halfgod have children wouldn't they be halfgod too?
                              Like god + god => god 
                              And so on...
I am Greec .btw did u use google translate just asking or are u greec 2
Percabeth-fan-girl Percabeth-fan-girl Feb 26, 2017
Well it's not unheard of because camp Jupiter there are probably some
the_tear_in_my_heart the_tear_in_my_heart Apr 03, 2015
Please update!!!!!!  Please please please!!!!  I love the atory.  Its so creative and its hard to find a story about stiles as a demigod as good as yours!