One Piece Fic - The Pirate's Fangirl

One Piece Fic - The Pirate's Fangirl

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binksPinx By binksPinx Updated Nov 29, 2015

People say I'm perverted but no, I AM NOT!

I'm just a person who appreciate human anatomy a little bit above average, especially, the ANATOMY of the male human specie. <3

I'm just a mere fangirl and this will be my story. A story about how I went to the One Piece Universe and met several hot-looking guys, including the one that I truly yearned for, namely, Portgas D. Ace. Ugh...
*insert exaggerated nosebleed here*

I'm Sophie and I'am the pirate's fangirl.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own One Piece (and if I do, it will probably turned out as a shitty bishounen anime mwahahahaha) and the pictures belong to their respective owners.

A|N: The summary sucks I know xD