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Reversed Gender (Tsukishima x Reader)

Reversed Gender (Tsukishima x Reader)

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Veenord By Veenord Updated Dec 08, 2015

(y/n) and Tsukishima Kei have been best friends since diapers. Even though they are complete oppsites they still somehow manage to deal with each other. Their parents both live in America and because of that Tsukishima and (y/n) move in together as room mates.
          All their lives they've done basically everything together. (Y/n) and Tsukishima have and undying love for volleyball and (y/n) was actually the one who introduced him to volleyball. They move to Karasuno High and discover they had no female volleyball team, but they did have a males. Tsukishima and (y/n) were both willing to do anything to be on the same court. 
         Without Tsukishima, (y/n) can't do anything on the court because without Tsukishma she has no confidence and completely lags and her anxiety kicks in. And without (y/n), Tsukishima plays like he had just barely started learning. They've come to decision that (y/n) is going to attend Karasuno High as a guy. But the only people who know are team captain, Daichi Sawamura and team setter, Koushi Sugawara. And yet how long will (y/n)'s secret last?

pamelaarcangel9 pamelaarcangel9 Oct 11, 2016
JaggiZ JaggiZ Jan 21
I smol I hide so no one can know that I just died inside ~ JaggiZ 2017
Neko_cat_sheep Neko_cat_sheep Nov 29, 2016
A little ooc but meh. It's still the Kei that's a little tsundere marshmallow
MavisVey MavisVey Sep 23, 2016
Cutting and dying my hair and wearing wraps on my chest. Duh.
Chiouka Chiouka Nov 13, 2016
Awwww. Is he being romantic right now? He never is. 😂😂
Chiouka Chiouka Nov 13, 2016
Wow Tsukki has hormones? Woah, I didn't think that was possible. How can he get horny? 😂😂😂 can't believe he actually has hormones lol 😂😂 I'm dying of laughter 😂