So On

So On

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"You'll like me. That's just how it always ends." He said, the smug look on his face was beaming with confidence. 

       "And if you'll like me first?" I challenged, feeling confident myself.

       "Unlikely," he chuckled. "But do try."

       "Oh I don't need to." I bit back a smile. We sounded like kids, but I loved the humor of it, so I pushed further. "Prepare yourself Brandon Pierce. You messed with me, now accept the consequences."

     He looked excited. And that look dangerously excited me as well. "Mira Jadsen, you just declared an all-out war against me. It is so on."


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Yo every person is different so I understand if you can write them the way you want
kvngellie kvngellie Jun 22
same except I call the kids of them my brothers or sisters instead of cousins, but that depends on the relationship I have with them y'know??
If I had the opportunity to change my name it would be your name.
tiffsal1313 tiffsal1313 Aug 25
I love this book so much!!! The feelings that passed through me as I was reading this book were so strong, as if I was the character myself. Keep up the good work! Loved all the characters. I couldn't put the book down!💗💗
kvngellie kvngellie Jun 22
im actually happy u out the main character as Dylan and Francisco as a supporting character, it's refreshing. Ps I love both so...*heart eyes*
booktubeard booktubeard Sep 12
What country are you from? Idk if this is done in many countries but it's done in mine and I'm like WHERE IS THIS PERSON FROM????