The Disgraced Avenger (An Avengers Fanfic) [Completed] #1

The Disgraced Avenger (An Avengers Fanfic) [Completed] #1

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Agent Gracey By Graciey48 Completed

Rebecca (Becky) Banner, alongside her brother, Robert Bruce Banner are the greatest pair of scientists of this century. Both specialising in gammer radiation.

You may of heard of the hulk, but the Lunar Castor is much worse. Like her brother, Becky has a more powerful side. But hers is different, her abilities spawned by contact with the tesseract, and enhanced some of the other powers she already claimed.

Alluring, powerful and lethal. The Lunar Castor has the ability of materiokinesis; the ability to manipulate matter. On a side note I may mention she has the ability of telekinesis, and telepathy. With a single thought, she could kill millions.

So it was only natural she was chosen for the Avengers Initiative.

But unlike her brother she was forgotten, disgraced, outcasted.

All because she sided with the enemy. 


All rights go to Marvel, I only own the storyline and a select few characters.


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cherru128 cherru128 Nov 25, 2017
Scarlet witch, because she's russian, and because her powers are cool!
CatherineDean363 CatherineDean363 Mar 13, 2017
Tony - sarcasm and wit 
                              Captain - uh because he's the cap! Lol
becauseblackwidow becauseblackwidow Jun 01, 2017
Nat because she's a badass and I really want to learn more about her past. And maybe Tony cuz he's funny at times
Uzumaki_Arashi Uzumaki_Arashi Aug 23, 2017
Tony Stark AKA Iron-Man. I love his snarky and "Devil may care" attitude. He is awesome, makes himself a superhero, and fixes his own mistakes.
dhdhrhrhrhhr dhdhrhrhrhhr Aug 16, 2016
Captain America
                              (And not just because of his looks, he was freaking awesome even before the whole captain america thing)
                              He does what he thinks is the right thing, he doesn't let being a super hero get to his mind. He is a Christian and all around awesome guy.
- - Feb 09, 2016
Ironman because his cleverness and jokes never get old. For example, REINDEER GAMES! Yaaaas! Lol