The Lonely King | Ongoing

The Lonely King | Ongoing

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孤单的公主 By shevvie Updated 4 days ago

"Ignore their stares, they do nothing but remind you that you are alive."

When Alexandra Knight was offered a rare scholarship to attend the most prestigious boarding school in Europe, she didn't have to think twice before accepting it. It doesn't take long for her schoolmates to notice that she is different from them, and Alexandra quickly becomes the centre of attention when she runs, quite literally, into the most popular boy in school- just not in a good way.

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Model on the Cover: Pedro Bertolini, playing Robin Clair in the novel.

I can't believe, I was almost finishing 😭 God i will die waiting the end
I panicked because chapters gone, whoosh, we'll wait shevvie mostly for begin again 💕💕
                              Frm Philippines with huge love ❤
gustavobean gustavobean 5 days ago
I have never read a book as well written as this one so i am exited to see what your going to do!
I have read this book before and LOVED IT!! Excited for the new and improved version
Maplejay Maplejay Jul 30
OHEMGEE THIS IS EXCITING AND A LITTLE STRESSFUL- I'm read this book 5 or 6 times now (I lost count) and now I can read it again and see all the new stuff!!! The only thing that sucks is I have to read the end again then, sometimes I try to skip it XD
itslamia itslamia 5 days ago
oh my god even though i liked the older version but im excited for this