The Lonely King | ✓

The Lonely King | ✓

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Book One - The Lonely King 
Highest Rank: #1 Teen Fiction (29/04/16)
Current Rank: #2 Teen Fiction (15/09/16)
*Might be a little cliché at first, but hey, you might be pleasantly surprised! ;) 

Seventeen year old Alexandra Knight doesn't know what to expect when she received an all-expenses paid scholarship to the most prestigious boarding school in the world, Meilleur Academy. Deciding to make the best she can out of it, she dives head first into the glitz and glamour that makes Meilleur...well, Meilleur. 

And as all would know, a boarding school for the rich and successful wouldn't be complete without a band of arrogant, attractive and intelligent boys, better known as the school's very own royalty, worshipped by girls and boys alike. These boys can't wait to graduate, but after getting acquainted with Meilleur's newest student, life at the academy becomes less of a bore and much, much more interesting...


Model on the Cover: Pedro Bertolini, playing Robin Clair in the novel. 

This is the first draft written when I was 13 and left on hold until last year and contains a few grammar mistakes because it was originally written in third person's point of view, so please excuse it! :)

sandan323 sandan323 21 hours ago
Let the rich people be the shitheads they are and be smarter and walk away
sandan323 sandan323 21 hours ago
I'm sooo gonna dump ur dead body in dumpster if you won't shut ur mouth
sandan323 sandan323 21 hours ago
Uhhh I'm so proud of you alena...alexandria...?....whatever her name was
jazzyjasmeen jazzyjasmeen 21 hours ago
Tbh there are more attractive boys in my school than these ones and I love in a hick town :(
lmfaournotbeyonce lmfaournotbeyonce 19 hours ago
Ew. I'm imaging a black boy since there are none in this book or on wattpad
sandan323 sandan323 21 hours ago
Bishhh i'm gonna slap you so hard ur brain will fly back to alaska you mammoth