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The Hijabi & The Jock

The Hijabi & The Jock

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Camel_Diem By Camel_Diem Updated Oct 24, 2015

She is at the top of her class. 
He is at the bottom. 

She is a good girl, who can be bad sometimes. 
He is a bad boy, who can be good sometimes. 

She desperately wants something. 
He has what she wants.

Maryam Abdul agrees to tutor the infamous, egotistical Jock, Jesse Owens. So, he can stay on the soccer team and get into the college of his dreams. As they spend more time together, they forget about what happened between they and become great friends. Because, they understand each others troubled families and dark past.

But, the unexpected happens and changes everything for Maryam and Jesse. 

Maryam gets a surprise guest at her doorstep, making her fears turn into a reality. 

Jesse uncovers the turth about his family's mutil-billion dollar company and leaves for good.

Just as Jesse's and Maryam's feelings develop for one another, sometime has to come between them and tear it apart! 


liothehijabimarauder liothehijabimarauder Sep 28, 2016
I'd never try out for sports, I'm just that lazy😂👏🏽
PinkSlays PinkSlays Jun 14, 2016
Uuuhhuhhmm i-i dont swear. Nope. *Cheeky smile* forgive me Allah
guitargirl1413 guitargirl1413 May 22, 2016
Arabs be like ya habibti what are you doing. While the other one chases you with a shoe 😂😂
Okee,  I'm a silent reader, but u requested, so I'll comment again... 😁😂😂
Schalloob Schalloob Oct 26, 2016
YASSS ADD MEH ON SNAP YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!! Shay_rinko. Best story ever!!!!!! Like for real tryna get my score up.
omgheyitslee omgheyitslee May 30, 2016
As long as we admit to our sinning, Inshallah we will be able to change our ways under the guidance of Allah. Ameen.