[COMPLETED] In The Maze ➸Newt x Reader

[COMPLETED] In The Maze ➸Newt x Reader

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Hails (ꈍᴗꈍ) By sangsterswag Completed

"I thought being trapped inside four stone walls would slowly drive me insane. Untill you came in the picture." 

Just like everybody else, Y/N ends up finding herself trapped inside the maze. All in all being the only girl seems to suck, until she realizes not all guys are jerks due to the blonde British boy.

Scare. Lost. Confused. Love. Heartbreak. Drama. 
This all began with the maze.
Newt x Reader {Book One}
I do not own the maze runner
or anything to do with it.
All rights to James Dashner (our king)
I only own the plot line,
'you',  Chris and Hunter

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MoonlightSunrise37 MoonlightSunrise37 12 hours ago
You know what. 
                              I play soccer, and i can run. So shut you shuck face, Newt.
MaeMarie2 MaeMarie2 4 days ago
Am I the only one that read that ahh absolutely monotone? It made me laugh, too. 😂😂😂 Wtf is wrong with me?
I've seen that video and it's literally the cutest thing ever
i forgot gallys name for a sec when my friend and i were watching the death cure and when i saw him i screamed “bird eyebrow guy!” in the theatre
Nahhhh I'd rather be a track-hoe....cause I can't run, I hate knives, I can't cook, hate cleaning, cant stand cuts, and I love animals.
MaeMarie2 MaeMarie2 4 days ago
                              I feel so mean when I correct people's grammar...I'll go home. 🚶